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"Awakening" by Sara Lubinski

About The Reproductions

Pricing For Reproductions

"Spring Morning - Gray Fox" by Kevin Kohlman

The Process

With either flat bed scanning or photographic copying, the newest, most advanced AdobeĀ® software is utilized. Plus, the camera creates large RAW format files 999 lines per inch resolution using a 85mm f/1.2 L lens for crisp reproductions in 16 bit color.


The RAW format is processed with a Color Rite Color Checker on a Color Rite calibrated monitor for accurate repeatable color. These master digital files are saved in PSD, TIF or JPG format available for any purpose.


The large format files are converted to smaller JPG formated files with appropriate sRGB color modes for accurate consistent color across computer platforms such as those used in jurying art work for shows, web portfolios or art fairs. By starting with large files and converting or downsizing to specific sizes or number of pixels, you are ensured of retaining the greatest detail without loss of image quality.

"Spring Morning - Gray Fox" by Kevin Kohlman

Estimating the Cost

There are no direct costs for having your art work copied or scanned however, there are costs for the "Post Exposure" processing of the image files. These costs are based on the time required to prepare the master digital image files. The rate is $50 per hour.


Example: A dozen or fewer original works can be processed in about 45 minutes costing $37.50. I'm happy to provide you with an estimate for your project.


Images are also prepared for competitions or juried shows where specific resolution, number of pixels, and file size specifications are required for submission.


Once your art work has been documented, you have access to to your master files which can be resized for a variety of future purposes.

"Awakening" by Sara Lubinski

"Down in Sny" by Sara Lubinski