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Pricing for Gicleé Printing

Gicleé Prints

Pricing for Gicleé Printing


First print .17 cents per square inch (any substrate)

Second through tenth prints .10 cents per square inch

Eleventh and beyond prints .09 cents per square inch


When ordering prints, it's best to distinguish between "image" size and "paper" size. Tip: Paper size is the same as frame size.




16x20 image with a 2" border would require a 20x24 substrate (paper or canvas)

The first print would cost 20x24 = 480 sq in x .17 = $81.60

The 2nd print would cost 20x24 = 480 sq in x .10 = $48.00


Print cost is based on paper size, if you want borders, be sure to add the border dimensions to both the length and width of the paper. A 2" border requires 4" additional paper for both length and width.


Once you print the first copy, you are always eligible for the 2nd and beyond discounts. You don't have to order at the same time.

Gicleé Prints

Gicleé is pronounced "zclay"


A note about "Gicleé" prints – The term Gicleé was coined to denote a specific standard of printing quality. However, the term was never officiated or defined as an approved benchmark. Thus, the industry lacks accepted qualifications defining Gicleé prints. Due to this lack of agreed upon standards, consider together the printing equipment, the ink and the substrates along with the printer's experience.


Other factors include software, monitor calibration and color profile creation. We use the most up to date Adobe® Cloud software with X-Rite® monitor calibration and custom color profile equipment to ensure constant reliable color with any ink and paper combination.


Certified archival paper and canvas are always in stock. Your print work can be reproduced on smooth or textured stock in matte or glossy ink. Also available are a variety of papers to meet any price point. Plus, we print on vinyl and polyester.


We use the Epson® 9900 44" wide format printer with Epson® HRD archival inks for sharp long lasting print work at resolutions up to 2800 dpi.