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About The Artist

Fine arts photographer Jack Hill, the son of a designer, grew up surrounded with art, design and color as foundations for creative expression. Prior to graduating from high school, Jack was accepted into The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and, shortly thereafter, discovered the limitless potential of photography as a form of exquisite artistic expression.


Jack attended the Center of the Eye school of photography in Aspen, Colorado, where he studied photographic composition and technique. Jack also studied at Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, to work with the large format cameras favored by such pioneer photographers as Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock and Edward Weston, and was later asked to return to CMC as a teacher of photography.


Jack has worked with 35mm, through 8”x 10” camera formats, and almost exclusively utilizes color negative film, with a preference for the traditional 4”x5” format.


Eastman Kodak Company and the Professional Photographers of America Association have recognized Jack’s outstanding creative talent by awarding him first prize in the category of “Decorating with Photographic Art.”


In 1980, Jack co-founded Hill Gallery of Photography in Aspen, Colorado, where he became an icon of Aspen culture as a result of the excellence and beauty of his photographic works. The artist has always produced his own prints and has achieved the status of Master Printmaker, printing not only for himself, but for many other exacting professional photographers as well. Jack has produced murals and his prints have been sold to individuals and corporations throughout the world. Jack’s work has also appeared in numerous books, including Aspen in Color and Take the Aspen Train.


The artist currently resides with his wife, Brenda, in the beautiful and photogenic Kickapoo River Valley of southwestern Wisconsin.

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